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Daddy Instruction Smear FullHD 1080p (ChubbiBunni /  2020) 847 MB

Daddy wanted to watch me smear my poo so I did a little show for him. He told me where he wanted me to cover myself and I listened like a good princess. Started at my thighs, to around my pussy, to my stomach, and my butt. He loves it when I play with my stinky poop.
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Smearing While Cleaning Up FullHD 1080p (xxecstacy /  2020) 1.15 GB

This is part 2 following Toilet Shit, Tit Smear, Tasting where I aim to clean up in the shower, allowing the shit to slowly wash off of me. As I do, though, I get an idea with the rest of the shit left in the toilet, smearing myself more while showering. You have to get dirty to get clean, and it just so happens that I love getting filthy. There is a small bit of tasting in this video as well.
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Nervous About First Shit After Birth FullHD 1080p (jordansdirtysecret /  2020) 207 MB

I do not show my face in this video. I just had my baby and i’m really nervous about my first shit since I was split open so much. I let you see close ups of my pussy and asshole before I lean back on my hands and feet to give you a full frontal view as I give a massive shit that built up over 2 days. I am excited to share this with you even though it hurt a little coming out. I then let my tits leak milk onto my fresh scat and let you watch. There is a small amount of blood coming out of my pussy at the end of the video in a close up.
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Voyeur comp FullHD 1080p (BabyDollNaughty /  2020) 734 MB

This is a little different and I was asked to create this for a special friend. There is no talking like I normally do and is a bit different! 3 shots and 3 different area’s that I take a shit in 2 different angles. For those who like to spy on girls shitting in places they really shouldn’t
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Tit smearing FullHD 1080p (BabyDollNaughty /  2020) 567 MB

What a lovely shit… I think I will spread it all over my lovely tits!
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Full Smear Dildo Ride - Shit Tits Nipple Suck and Play FullHD 1080p (xxecstacy /  2019) 2.19 GB

This is filmed directly after the Shit Nipple Sucking video, where I take the remainder of the shit that I have, smearing it all over my stomach down to my pussy for you. I take my shitty fingers and lick them, and start off riding a dildo for you. Changing positions, I fuck myself with my shit covered dildo, getting shit all over my pussy as I do. Dirty talking to you all the while, let’s get filthy together. You know I’d much rather be covering your cock in shit.

Watch as I start off giving you a nice and large shit, talking dirty about how much I want to play with you. I take the shit and start rubbing it on my tits, making sure to get them covered with a nice coat of poop before I start licking and sucking them, replacing with more shit as needed while I get off.
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Pussy on Pussy FullHD 1080p (ScatFreekzClub /  2019) 1.95 GB

I just finished making my bed up with my new favorite plush pussy blanket. I’ve been holding my shit in my hot tight phat ass all day. Its ready to bust out my big butt but I have been waiting so you can see my hot load. I tried to put whip cream up my fudge packed ass but it didn’t want to go. I wanted to feel my big black dildo up my ass with all my thick shit but it wouldn’t fit in my tight ass either. I can only rim my ass. I loved sucking my dildo thinking it was your dick daddy. Since I can not fit anything up my phat ass I decide to give you instruction on how to beat your dick with my shit. That was a big load in my black leather leggings, I liked mixing my shit with cream thinking it was your cum daddy.
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Shit Like Dishwashing Detergent FullHD 1080p (Brown Wife /  2019) 1.03 GB

Masked and pregnant, this Russian wife shits on the floor, picks up her turd and uses it as soap for her dishes. She proceeds to smear to turd over her breasts, belly, and legs
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Need to POOP! Now YOU EAT IT FullHD 1080p (CandieCane /  2019) 1.11 GB

Hi baby, how have you been? Ah I have to pee so bad my nipples are ROCK HARD! I sensually talk dirty before turning around to shit all over as you slowly watch it come out, as I moan! Watch my asshole part as the poo falls out and the asshole is at its widest! I moan so much as I take this shit! I can’t believe that just came out of me – as I show it to you! Make you sniff it baby! My brown golden deliciousness! Eat it! You ate it all, that is a good toilet slave!
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Shit Sucker Produce FullHD 1080p (ScatFreekzClub /  2019) 1.91 GB

I give my thick turd a sexy blow job, wishing it was your dirty cock. I take my dildo an smear an jerk it with my semi soft green turds. I wish you were here with me my shit loving freek. The taste of my shit in my mouth turns me on so much, I have to smear an fuck my dirty ass ass. I love you being here watching me.
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Satin Panty Series – Parts 1, 2, and 3 FullHD 1080p (SamanthaStarfish /  2019) 1.40 GB

Everyday this week I am shitting in my pretty satin panties! I will shit and piss in them and then wear them while I masturbate and play with my happy wet pussy! I do delicious nasty things with the fifth and final load!

Day 1 and 2″

Watch me shit in my sexy smooth satin panties! I fill them up with two huge loads! I taste both loads! I like the taste of the second load better and I spend more time with the turd in my mouth!

Watch me dance around in my toilet panties being a dirty happy scat princess!

Day 3 – I take out my nasty satin toilet panties. They already have two loads of shit in them! I add another load and dance around and rub my pussy while wearing the stinkiest and dirtiest panties I own! I love how full my panties are! Three loads in one pair! Wow!

Day 4 – Time to add another load to my filthy panties! Watch me struggle to fill my wet shit filled panties! Ih oh! There is not enough room for all this shit in my panties! I guess I’ll have to shove my shit into my bra! Watch me shake and jiggle my massive shit covered tits! I tell you about the the nasty things I plan to do in part three of this video! What nasty things will I do with FIVE loads of shit!?

Day 5:
Time for me to squeeze out the fifth and final load into my nasty satin toilet panties! All week I’ve been shitting and pissing in what once were the prettiest satin panties. Now they are shit stained and smell like a port-a-potty! In the crotch are four massive loads of shit!

With a full ass, I stuff my pussy with shit so I can shit out of both holes at the same time! I push put such a pretty log out of my ass and at the same time a slimy girl cum coated turd plops out of my pussy!

The turds fall on the massive week long pile of shit!

I stuff my pussy completely full and push the shit out of my pussy! I run my cunt and then stuff my hole up again and again! I finally get the entire weeks worth of shit into my happy shitty pussy hole!

For a grand finale I pop a big piece of shit in my mouth and push it out like I am shitting out of my mouth!
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Sniff and Smear FullHD 1080p (ChubbiBunni /  2019) 987 MB

This was a request for me to be a bit more sensual. I was asked to slow down and describe the smells, textures, and feeling on my skin. Definitely the perfect load for this kind of video.
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Titty Smear FullHD 1080p (ChubbiBunni /  2019) 1.19 GB

This video takes the time to cover my tits and play a little. This poo was such a pretty color green. Did you see how nice it slid out? I had bits of avocado and almonds in it. So fun seeing what came out, and even better, seeing it all over my titties. I look good in green, don’t I?
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Silent Smear Playtime HD 720p (ChubbiBunni /  2019) 391 MB

My roommate was home. Our walls are so thin, you can hear everything. I needed to poop so bad though. I sneak you into the bathroom with me and silently give you a show in the shower. Don’t tell anyone what we did…
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Dirty Nurse Part 3 FullHD 1080p (Marlinda Branco Exxxtreme /  2019) 678 MB

Marlinda is dressed all over in panty hoses. He poors her scat and pee out of a bucket over her entire body together with yellow pudding while she sits on hands and knees and bend down showing her firm ass and gaping hole to him. He feeds her with pudding and she has to give his with scat smeared cock a blowjob until she pukes. (Several times). Then he whips her ass thoroughly. He ass finger fist her and she gives him a rim job with her tongue deep in his ass, whereupon he finally comes in her mouth.
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Cookie & Scat – Thanks giving Bundle FullHD 1080p (ScatFreekzClub /  2019) 1.05 GB

My stomach was upset all day. I had the runs. I started to feel better, so I decided to bake some of my home made chocolate chip cookies. I had a cam show scheduled, I was doing a sexy nude oil strip tease. After I got finish my show I went down stairs to get some milk and cookies. I guess all that dancing and booty popping got things moving. I felt like I had to shit, as the urge got stronger. I took the cookies put them on the floor and shit right on them. Smashing the warm cookies and mixing them with my warm poop I smeared it all over my huge round brown ass an big boobs!
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Catwoman smears and swallows FullHD 1080p (Fetish-zone /  2019) 1.56 GB

The dedication of Laura in real shit-eaters! Laura-the cat woman shows a plate and then poop in it with a big, fat poop! Then… Laura puts the toilet rim on the neck! Then… Laura in latex mask cat-woman made himself a second mask made of Poo! Laura-cat-woman smear all face poops! And in the meantime, puts the poop in his mouth and sucks them… and then swallows… swallows… swallows…! At the end of the clip she scored a mouthful of shit! Shit barely fit in her mouth! But… she obediently swallowed it all…
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Sensual tits smearing FullHD 1080p (LucyScat /  2019) 336 MB

I start to shit naked on the ground of my bathroom floor and take the shit in my hand. I start to smear it slowly on my nipples, around my tits and on my tits. The shit that rubs on my nipples felt so good, so light, it made me really horny. I take the beginning of my shit, which is harder and with some chunks, and rub it against my pussy, eventually i put it in my pussy and continue to fondle my nipples and my tits. The ball of shit in my pussy feels awesome, the pressure when i am pushing it out is stunning. I continue to rub the shit on my pussy and to fondle my tits until i get a orgasm.
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Shit and piss soup poured over my body HD 720p (LucyScat /  2019) 1.01 GB

I shit and piss in a bowl and sit myself in the bathtub. You see me naked sitting there, mixing it together so it will get a juicy soup! When i finished mixing it, i start to puring it over my tits, its flwoing down on my belly and on my pussy, making a puddle on the ground. i knead my tits, rub my pussy, finger myself and smear it all over me until the bowl is empty. I enjoy the warm feeling of pouring it on my body so much, it was one of the best orgasm in a while!
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NEED A BREAK? USE A SHITSLUT! SD 720p (Stella, Daria, Penelope, 2 males /  2018) 542 MB

After her successfull apprenticeship at the Hightide HQ, Daria agreed to help work in new porn office staff. Innocent newcomer Stella received the crash course, from innocent pee, vomit and deepthroat games to full toilet service in just half an hour. It was immediately evident that Stella was a natural and ready to learn from seasoned toilet bitch Penelope how to really keep stressed out porn bosses happy...

And for all of you who thought jobs in porn were easy - we even continue working during breaks! (Point proven....)
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Shit in hand and smeared on face FullHD 1080p (LucyScat /  2018) 278 MB

It starts with me pooping a long log in my hands which had on the beginning some beautifull hard chunks and got softer to the end. I show it to you and start to lick on it, to smear it on my lips like lipstick, get a bit in my mouth and swallow it. I continue to smear it on my face while its squeezing in my hand and ooze through my fingers. I sit back and start to rub my pussy while i am sniffing on my load and smearing it on my face, licking and sucking on it, fucking my pussy with my fingers and lick on them. Eventually i got a good orgasm with my whole load in my face, having only the scent of it in my nose and the taste of it in my mouth.
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Poop in hand then Smearing on boobs FullHD 1080p (Lillyxxx /  2018) 1.10 GB

I take nice soft serve style poop in my hand then i take deep whiffs of it boy is it stinky! I take my top down and start to sensually smear it all over my chest and breasts. Talking about how smelly it is the entire time.
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PENELOPE - BACK AT YOUR FEET HD 720p (Penelope, 1 male /  2018) 1.12 GB

We're proud to present Penelope's comeback after a long break from filming! Hungry as ever, horny like hell and submissive to the bone, this chubby kinkster fully devotes herself to make her partner happy - literally from head to toe. ;)
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VM41 - DINNER FOR ONE SD (Veronica Moser, 1 male /  2018) 701 MB

Veronica says: "When he invited me over for dinner, I had no idea what he had in mind. 'Relax, make yourself comfortable, dinner's ready in minute..oh, by the way, I'm not hungry, so you can have it all...' He struck a special note with me, so I got in the mood by playing with with my huge buttplug. Then he walked in, grabbed me and forced a full plate of his steamy shit down my throat...Dinner for one, just how I love it!!""

Note: This title was previously released in a lower resolution on Veronica's former member site.
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Shitty panties in my dirty pussy FullHD 1080p (ScatLina /  2018) 422 MB

Hi, my name is SkatLina! I adore perversions and want to share with you my interesting fantasies. This is my first video on this site. In this video, I play with my shit. First, I shit in my panties and sexually caress my body, smearing the shit on it, then I insert the shitty panties in my pussy and piss. Pleasant viewing… With love, your Scatlin!
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