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Toilet Slave Quickly Eats Alina’s Diarrhea With Fart HD 720p (Pooalina /  2018) 351 MB

Toilet slave quickly eats Alina's diarrhea with fart. At the beginning of the video Alina says that she ate yesterday: fish, pasta, drank kefir and others, and orders her personal toilet slave to eat and swallow all her shit, but she did not tell the slave that she drank a laxative last night before going to bed. In the morning Alina Fed her slave with a huge pile of diarrhea seasoned with a powerful fart. Toilet slave Alina says - at first her shit was a little sweetish taste and it was easy to swallow, but in the end it became tasteless and strongly stuck to the throat and tongue, as a strong beverage, such as whiskey, was apparently poured into my mouth, apparently it was Alina's fresh gastric juice.
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Smelly My Shitty Ass FullHD 1080p (Goddess Amirha /  2018) 1.58 GB

I met a Local gamer on Xbox live who talked SHT the match. My team sucked so of course we lost, so I challenged this bitch to a game of 1v1. Winner gets to do as they choose with the loser. Being a girl I'm sure he thought he'd have an easy win. HAHA Wrong. If he won? He got to fuck me. If I won? I got to use his face for my gaming chair for an ENTIRE night. Of course he lost. As easy as it was he probably was wanting me to win on purpose. I mean who doesn't want a hot girl to sit on their face? Right? Well, it wasn't that simple. I gave him my address and made sure to wear something sexy to get him to do whatever I wanted. He shows up and I immediately dragged him to my TV and began wrapping him TIGHTLY head to toe. Do you really need to tie me up? Yes, I wouldn't want you changing your mind and messing me up while I play I had more planned than just using his face for my chair. As much sht as he talked was going to make him SMELL all the sht he was talking I held in EVERY single fart ALL day and up on plenty of milk and protein shakes building up the WORST stomach cramps just to make sure he got every bit of the punishment he deserved).Unable to move a muscle I dropped him to the floor You ready to smell my ass?! .. Haha and I dropped my ass right on his face and started playing, letting him get ZERO AIR and then keeping his nose tight in my crack when I allowed him to breathe.Ordering him to suck every ounce of air against my sweaty butthole, he probably didn't plan on me not washing my ass since that win to make it even worse on him. Yeah, I KNOW hes regretting this bet now.. Hahaa.. Good, bitch. Talking all that sht.. now he can smell it.I heard my stomach start to rumble and I'm sure he did too.. Oh god.. these are gonna be wet.A burning hot blast splatted against my panties, definitely ALOT more than just a fart.. right against his nose.. he sucked for air through the filthy fabric and fought against his tight cocoon. Hahaha. Hows all that sht now? You were talking it, and now its right up against your helpless little bitch nose. But wait. let me remove these panties before they get ruined.. being theyre my favorite pair and all.. that I have 4 of I'm totally not doing this to make sure it all goes in your nose. A long chunky sounding blast filled his right nostril. OOPS! he struggled in panic desperate to breathe any ounce of fresh air only to be assaulted over and over and over by my raunchy ass before having his nose sealed straight back in my crack tightly against my ass. I felt him sucking against it in a state of panic so I leaned up just enough to rip another blast then slammed right back down. Hahah, theres your air bitch. Before long I grew bored of playing and took his punishment up a notch, turning forward with his nose in my pussy I ordered his mouth open and pressed my ass right into it. Looking into his eyes as he smothered helplessly, craving any sort of air and just smiled at him as I pushed some air right into his cheeks. With nowhere to go, all the gas started to find its way down his throat. I could see tears in his eyes. Maybe he'll think twice before he decides to fuck with another gamer girl.
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First Using Toilet Slave HD 720p (Mistress Annalise /  2018) 923 MB

Pretty and young Mistress Annalise at the first time use a toilet slave. She has a model appearance and she has chic long legs. She makes the slave lick her shoes and suck her heels. The slave is just a toilet for her and must fulfill her wishes unconditionally. She tolerated for a long time and now ready to peeing in his mouth. She sits over the slave face and shitting in his mouth. The slave opens mouth wider and she farts at him and sweetly shit. After all she stands up on the slave and pops her beautiful legs into the mouth of a slave. She is really beautiful. Serving Mistress Annalize is a great pleasure for her slave.
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SWEET DIRTY PANTIES - Scat In Brazil SD (MFX-1331-1 /  2018) 392 MB

The two girls are very excited, they wake up wanting to do a lot of scat and have fun, that's what they do, scat: In the panties, jeans and so on, then they smell and delight in a lot of caviar!
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Ass Worship Panty Poop HD 720p (Love to Shit Girls /  2018) 472 MB

Goddess is ordering to worship her ass till she starting pooping in hot peach full back panties! You are my toilet paper! It all my shit slave and worship your Goddess' shitty ass!
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Your Shit Slut HD 720p (EllaGilbert /  2018) 942 MB

I am your shit slut and u called me today cause u know I'm the best. Im wearing a pair of fishnet tights, a black bra and a choker. I start by shiting all over ur cock through those tights and then ride ur perfect big fat cock facing u and the other way around. U fuck my tight lovely full of shit asshole till it gapes allowing u to see my lovely rosebud. We both cum like crazy mixing my shit with ur cum
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Slave Humiliation HD 720p (JosslynKane /  2018) 1.00 GB

Hahahaha, did I just hear you right? Did you just say you wanted to be my slave? Oh my god! I knew you were obsessed with me but I thought you wanted to fuck me! It all makes sense now, why you would hang around offering to pay for things, why you did all my homework when I asked you to. This is just too funny, you are so pathetic! Welllll I guess you can be my slave but I'll need to test you first. If you can do these tasks for me then maybe, just maybe, I'll allow you to be my bitch. First of all I want you to strip. You're really doing it! This might be more fun than I thought. look at that stiff little cock, have you been getting hard at me insulting you. You little perv! Now get on your knees. Aww look at you, my little puppy. Wag that tail for me! Bark! Beg! Gooood boy.
Hmm maybe I should get a collar for you. Find something to put around your neck like a collar! Now kiss my feet, show me how much you worship me, show me how inferior you are to me! Kiss my ass. You've always done it figuratively so now you can do it literally. You little brown noser. What if I farted? Would you sniff it right up? OH MY GOD! I might just die from laughter, I can't believe we were friends in the first place! Ok start jerking off, I will count you down 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 cum now and lick it up like a good boy.
I think from now on we're going to have a lot of fun together. It's going to be sooo funny showing you to all my friends, maybe you can serve all of them as well!

This is a script I received and I made it almost exactly the same, i just added some more insults from time to time and my personal attitude. Enjoy!
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White Tights Huge Bomb HD 720p (Love to Shit Girls /  2018) 370 MB

Hot huge pooping,peeing insexy yoga white tights,lick my dirty ass my slave!
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How Much My Shit Weighs HD 720p (Moanavoglia /  2018) 223 MB

Today I want to do it all in the bathroom to the ground I pick and take in the kitchen .. I want to weigh it together with you .. I'll show you how much I hit my cagata and how much fuck it! face audio shitting Weight of the shit
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Hotdog With Shit is Delicious Food FullHD 1080p (Brown wife /  2018) 974 MB

Today I wanted a hotdog with cola. But ketchup in hotdog is trite, I added a lot of fresh shit to my dinner. You can not even imagine how delicious it is - a sausage with fresh shit! At first I wanted to bite once, but I liked it so much that I took 3 bites! paradisaic delight. Have you noticed that every time I eat more and more shit? What do you think will happen next?
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Toilet Slave Swallows Alina Shit HD 720p (Pooalina /  2018) 422 MB

Today, Alina delivered an ultimatum to her toilet slave - either you swallow my shit, or I'll find myself another toilet slave who will like the taste of my shit! It was a real, difficult test for him - in the evening Alina ate a lot of varied food from which at night she farted a smelly smell and her stomach ached. The slave swallowed all the shit and coped with the task. He deserved to continue his destiny as a lively living toilet for Alina.
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Take My Dirty Panty Daddy HD 720p (SweetBettyParlour /  2018) 123 MB

Hi my lovely kittys!) Now i present to you my new extra hot'n'dirty pantypooping clip!) Full of my creamy shit, DAT ass, and of course smearing!)) Smearing ALL leg, ass, face and more!)
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Panty Messing During Nap FullHD 1080p (Cheshire /  2018) 698 MB

I'm taking a nap in bed, and you come in to check on me. I'm wearing cute light blue printed panties, and my skirt is hiked up giving you a nice view of my butt. You stand over me enjoying the view, when all of a sudden, I drop a huge load in my panties! You're surprised that I managed to sleep through's a true accident. You reach down, and tug on the waistband of my panties gently, inspecting the mess and getting a really close look. After perving on my poopy panties for a bit, you walk over to the side of the bed and wake me up. It takes me a few seconds to realize that I had an accident, but the look of humiliation is quite obvious once I realize the situation. I reach back and feel my panties to assess the damage. You watch me for a few more minutes enjoying how humiliated I am.
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With Nice Pussy Lips FullHD 1080p (Lovely Young Lady /  2018) 378 MB

You can not miss this collection !!! SCAT exclusive super this,we offer the best,cocoa places that leave,you excited for a whole movie over and over again !!!
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Alina In Stockings Pooping In Mouth Toilet Slave And Spits Close-Up HD 720p (Pooalina /  2018) 228 MB

Alina in stockings pooping in mouth toilet slave and spits Close-up. Alina shoots at the mouth of the toilet slave, with two heavy and thick pieces of smelly shit.
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Alina Smelly Pooping After The Capped Fish HD 720p (Pooalina /  2018) 430 MB

In the evening Alina ate: Boiled potatoes, bonito mackerel, salad with beets and garlic, hot pepper, yogurt, cottage cheese, sunflower seeds and cakes. Saw drinks: Juice, beer, milk.
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Alina Pooping in Pantyhose HD 720p (PooAlina /  2018) 420 MB

You can not miss this collection !!! SCAT exclusive super this,we offer the best,cocoa places that leave,you excited for a whole movie over and over again !!! presents you with a large collection of new scat video!
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Scat Solo FullHD 1080p (Moanavoglia /  2018) 318 MB

Scat I do the shit in the basin will come out very much .. Then I start playing with my hands and put the lipstick to the shit for you . I'll kiss you! Then widen my legs and massage the shit on my pussy . mmm Do you like the dirty shit pussy? Then kidding! Fuck me shit lick me strong! shitting scat Fetish extreme amateur Shit play Shit smelling Dirty talk
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Hardcore Dirty Feet Session FullHD 1080p (LittleMissKinky /  2018) 753 MB

You love feet covered with poop, u go mad when girls step on their poop, wank your dick with their shitty feet, even suck their dirty toes..good!! Watch it
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French Kiss With Shit FullHD 1080p (SweetBettyParlour /  2018) 501 MB

Hello boys and girls these is my new amazing premium video!) if you like see hard to smear the shit, look at the texture of shit, if you love to watch how i suck giant pieces of shit, this video is for you!) As always, lots of content, amazing quality (premium video), really hot shit show!)Including hot booty action, sucking giant piece of shit, heavy smearing face, smear body sucking toes, spitting (little bit) shitting two nice sweety turd, rainy pissing, many close-up scene and more!)) Stay tuned!) bark
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Very Cruel cbt and Scat Longtime Session HD 720p (Scat-Movie-World /  2018) 793 MB

Compassion or mercy this slave will not find in me, but it gives me too much joy to see him suffer. I love guys, whining for grace, but that's about it. He will then only have to suffer even more. Because that is what I experience, see and want him to feel. Miss Jane enjoys this type of submission as I do. Together we torment his genitals with a particularly nasty treatment. Will he be able to use his balls after that? No idea, I also do not care. Finally, he needs to eat our shit, Miss Jane emptied over his head and lets him swallow everything, then I shit in his mouth and press everything in his throat. Would you like to see us? Then check out this video.
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Oops She Did It Again FullHD 1080p (Hotshit /  2018) 1.39 GB

Starts off with her pushing out a shit into her tight pink panties while on the balcony Huh?? then i follow her into the bathroom, she smears all that shit around her ass, then with panties pulled up she sucks me off, her hand still caked in her crap, then she bends over & gets fucked with her shitty panties pulled down, takes them off, smear them over her nipples & my cock then sucks me again & gets fucked some more Huh?? no cum shot in this video guys. keep checking back for more filthy vids of this hotty.
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Cock Sucking FullHD 1080p (Flittchen Schlampe /  2018) 172 MB

ter he had fucked me in the ass and I had shackled him on his cock, I now take his cock with a full cock in my mouth and suck it - the tongue and my mouth with shit fucked I jerks him then his cock until he gives me up and In my caviar mouth squirts. This is the third and last part of my video fucked deep in the ass.
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Princess Mia and toilet slave FullHD 1080p (Princess Mia /  2018) 1.38 GB

The best!Mia and Toilet Slavery Mia Scat Enema Farting Facesitting
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Scat Extreme – clip 2 HD 720p (Contessa Barbara Calucci /  2018) 402 MB

Rosella's scene from my clip Scat extreme by two Dominas. Rosella, too, is in no way inferior to the portions of her caviar. At first she pisses the slave in his mouth, who is still full of my portion of caviar, and then an equally large portion of her caviar to shit the slave directly into his mouth. Can he devour this double portion?
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